Andy Kirkpatrick

One of the UK’s most Accomplished Mountaineers

Andy Kirkpatrick is recognized as one of the nation’s most accomplished big wall climbers and mountaineers. Best known for scaling America’s hardest wall – Yosemite’s El Capitan, over ten times, Andy’s experience of overcoming adversity is second to none, allowing him to deliver wonderful talks as a leadership speaker.

Andy is also well known for his expeditions to the savage spires of Patagonia, all of which have taken place in its fearsome winter season, a season in which very few have ever ventured or returned from intact! These climbs include many first winter ascents, and some of the most hair raising epic tales you will ever hear. The stories from these expeditions have become some of the classic modern climbing tales, often redefining the words ’epic’ and ’cold’, and demonstrating that British climbers are still leading the way in cutting edge ascents.

Andy’s biggest strength is his ability to talk as an after dinner speaker about his life and his climbs in an open and honest way that is accessible to the non climber, talking about what drives him to do things that many would consider suicidal, and more importantly where he finds the power to overcome the seemingly impossible.

Andy brings a sharp wit to his talks, creating an incredible mix that will both entertain and inspire, giving presentations as a leadership speaker that will be talked about long after the event. Andy’s main focus is breaking through mental barriers, learning how to achieve success when the odds seem to be outrageously out of favour, and life lessons learnt at the sharp end. A truly motivational speaker, to book Andy as a leadership speaker and after dinner speaker please fill in our online form today or contact one of our agents on +44 1509 85 29 27

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