Ambassador Susan Rice

Former National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama And US Ambassador to the United Nations

American public official and politics speaker, Ambassador Susan Rice is a respected voice on global markets. As a staff member of the National Security Council, she played an integral role in modern American political procedures and policies, specialising in matters of national security, the military and foreign relationships. As a speaker, she can offer an insight into international affairs, discussing her role in recent US security risks. Susan is an expert in leadership and negotiating the best deal for you, making her strategies invaluable to business owners wishing to be market leaders.

Born in Washington D.C, Susan grew up surrounded by politics – her father is Emmett J. Rice, the second black governor of the Federal Reserve System. As a young girl, she was interested in athletics but went on to study History at Stanford College, on a Truman Scholarship. From there she received a Rhodes Scholarship to study at The University of Oxford. While in the UK, she graduated with a Master of Philosophy in 1988 and a Doctorate of Philosophy, in International Relations. Susan’s first experience of politics was as a foreign policy aide to Micheal Dukakis in 1988, before becoming a Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company. As a speaker, Susan reflects upon this period of her life, discussing the challenges she faced as a young woman of colour in American politics.

During the former President Bill Clinton’s second term, Susan was appointed his Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. Other notable positions include United States Ambassador to the United Nations until 2013 and United States National Security Advisor until 2017, serving under praised former President Barack Obama. As a testament to her dedication to American politics, Susan was made a fellow of the Brookings Institution, as well as being inducted into Stanford’s Black Alumni Hall of Fame in 2002. Susan’s speeches expand upon her participation in government, offering audiences a backstage pass to her personal experience. As she negotiated first hand influential American policies, Susan can offer methods for managing a team and remaining calm under pressure.

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When at corporate events, Susan is known to cover the following topics:

  • Finance & Futurism
  • Politics
  •  National Security
  • Foreign Policy
  • Leadership & Teamwork
  • United Nations
  • World Current Affairs

Susan in an interview: