Neville Wilshire

Founder and CEO of the Save Britain Money Group

Neville Wilshire is the founder and CEO of the Save Britain Money group. His face became instantly recognisable when he became the subject of the BBC3 ‘fly-on-the-wall’ documentary series titled The Call Centre. As a media star who is also a highly successful and motivational businessman, Nev is quickly becoming a favourite for providing an entertaining yet educational after-dinner speech at a whole variety of events and functions.

Beginning his career at the age of 25 on the South Coast of Wales, Wilshire launched his first company in 1984. Central Heating Services proved to be successful with a staggering £100,000 turnover in the first year hence making Nev a millionaire only four years later. With the 1989 recession hitting his business hard, Nev lost CHS to receivership after battling for its survival for a prolonged period of time.

With losing CHS marking the beginning of a series of unfortunate events, Wilshire found himself in huge debts with no real direction in life. However, his epiphany moment came when he discovered that world-renowned entrepreneur, Walt Disney himself had also been bankrupted twice before he earnt the title he still owns to this day. With new empowerment and motivation, Nev took the quote “you could not achieve success without first suffering failure,” and made the conscious decision to move on with his life.

After 9 years of constant hard work and dedication, Nev launched Nationwide Energy Group which is now a part of his network of companies collectively known as Save Britain Money. Providing services from energy to pensions, insurance and fuel switching, the group has nearing 1,000 employees who serve over 8,000 clients in a total of three offices around the country.

Most recently, Wilshire became the subject of BBC3 documentary The Call Centre. His unique management style and hilarious catchphrases bought him to the forefront of conversations and earnt him a huge fanbase on social media.

Following on from the success of The Call Centre, Nev Wilshire is now a highly sought after business and motivational speaker. Combining his inspirational story with his enthusiastic and hilarious personality, Wilshire is the perfect addition to any event in search of an after-dinner speaker who will make a lasting impression on your audience.

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When at corporate events, Neville is known to cover the following topics:

  • Save Britain Money
  • The Recession
  • Drive & Determination
  • Business Management
  • Inspirational Speaker