Mario Monti

Former Prime Minister of Italy and President of Bocconi University

One of Europe’s most notable and influential political figures with a global reputation, Mario Monti is a household name within both politics and economics that is perhaps best known for being the former Prime Minister of Italy, a post he staggeringly held despite never having been an elected politician but rather by leading a government of technocrats in the wake of the Italian debt crisis. A crucial member within European politics, Mario served as a European Commissioner for almost a decade where his responsibilities stretched across the internal market, services, customs and taxation for half a decade before taking control of competition for his second term in the role.

An esteemed and accomplished keynote speaker that is very popular, demanded and sought after around the world, given his political stature and economic acumen, Mario Monti is an exceptional figure that is available to hire for you next corporate event or conference through the Champions Speakers agency.

A former Rector and President of Bocconi University in Milan, Mario Monti held these holds for a number of years and notably, on 12 November 2011, in the midst of the European sovereign debt crisis, Mario Monti was invited by President Giorgio Napolitano to form a new technocratic government following the resignation of the notorious, Silvio Berlusconi.

Consequently sworn into the role of Prime Minister just a few days later, Monti’s posting came just a week after having been appointed a Senator for Life by President Napolitano. During this somewhat tumultuous and formative period, Monti initially became Minister of Economy and Finances as well, but had to give up the portfolio the following July due to his extensive commitments. The President of Civic Choice, a centrist political party, Mario Monti is an accomplished speaker with a plethora of tales and anecdotes to share in addition to being uniquely placed to discuss life at the helm of politics.

Having famously worked with and hired Barack Obama’s campaign advisor, David Axelrod, not only can Mario insight guests with his personal experiences but he is also uniquely placed to share invaluable advice that he gained from a leading strategist that aided one of the most historic campaigns of all time.

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When at corporate events, Mario is known to speak on the following topics:

  • Italian Economics
  • Italian Debt Crisis
  • Government & Politics
  • Brexit & The EU
  • Public Speaking