Marijn Dekkers

Former Chairman of Unilever

The former CEO of Bayer and the current Chairman of the world-renowned Unilever since 2016,  Marijn Dekkers is a household name within the global chemical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industry. With a Masters and PhD in chemical engineering, the former pharmaceutical businessman is a revered thinker and speaker that is a highly sought after keynote speaker across the world.

Orchestrating Bayer’s US$14.2 billion acquisition of U.S. based Merck’s consumer-care division in 2014, Marjin Dekkers earned a reputation at Bayer for shaking up a sombre corporate culture through his innovative, creative and driven nature that led to such resounding success in his career. A founding member and Chairman of Novalis LifeSciences LLC, an investment and advisory firm for the life science industry, the immensely successful Marjin Dekkers is available to hire as an after-dinner speaker for events, dinners, and conferences where he is certain to deliver a truly engaging and informative performance for all in attendance to enjoy.

Spinning off the company’s material-sciences division, which made plastics, during his time at Bayer, Dekkers is perfectly placed to deliver insightful and transformational advice to guests about leadership, management, and sustainability no matter how big or small the occasion. Beginning his career as a Research Scientist with General Electric, In 1995, Marjin joined Allied Signal (subsequently Honeywell International) before going on to take over the management of various business units. During his work as an accomplished speaker, Marjin Dekkers shares his story and emergence within the world of business as well as delivering invaluable tips and tactics that managers and leaders can implement worldwide.

Becoming the Chief Operating Officer at Boston-based Thermo Electron Corporation in 2000, Dekkers become a lead figure at one of the world’s leading specialists in the manufacture of laboratory instruments. It did not take Dekkers long to implement a complete corporate reorganisation before going on to became the President and CEO of the corporation just a few years later. This dramatic rise to success reinforced the monumental growth and progression that Marjin has so consistently attained throughout his career.

Having regularly initiated extensive restructuring measures in companies while strengthening their core business through targeted acquisitions, Marjin Dekkers is an expert at not only developing and maintaining companies but also supporting exponential growth for businesses worldwide. One of the Board of Directors at General Electric, Marjin Dekkers is a phenomenal businessman with the upmost expertise within the world of pharmaceuticals making him an outstanding figure to hire for corporate events across the UK.

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