David Smith

Economics Editor for Sunday Times

Economic Editor of the Sunday Times, David Smith is perfectly placed to provide cutting edge financial forecasts as a futurist speaker. David speaks to a wide variety of audiences on elemental topics such as global economic outlook, housing markets and consumable resources. Alongside his editorial work, Smith also takes on roles of chief leader-writer as well as a respected policy advisor.

David Smith has held a number of senior management positions in both small and large organisations. Being involved in a number of corporate sectors including financial markets, marketing, sales and management positions allows David to see a business in every aspect possible and provide advice tailored to any firm as a futurist speaker.

David enjoys holding lecturing positions at both Cardiff and Nottingham University, allowing to lecture at both Nottingham’s Malaysian and Chinese campuses. An award winning journalist and highly sought after business speaker, David Smith is an ideal event or conference host, interacting with the audience whilst ensuring everything runs to plan and on time.

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  • Global economic outlook
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  • Housing markets
  • Consumable resources
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“David Smith was a fantastic choice to launch the Leicester Business Festival. He tailored the speech to the region, as well as having extensive national/internal knowledge on the economy.” – Tiffany Freeman, LLEP.

“David delivered a truly insightful speech at our conference yesterday. He managed to make business and the economy digestible for all the audience, as well as interesting thought process to take into the new year. I particularly enjoyed his ‘skipanomics’ theory – very clever.”  – David Simms, Managing Director, Trinity plc.

“David was excellent as usual”Shirley Pinn, Managing Director, Destination Southampton