David Murrin

CEO & Chairman Of Emergent Asset Management LTD

David Murrin is a financial strategist and futurism speaker with an expertise in market management and trading; CEO of Emergent Asset Management, Murrin has more than twenty year’s experience working with financial and market trading and is a highly regarded keynote speaker in this field.

Murrin prides himself on providing “market insights by viewing the world from different perspectives”; not only in his role as a keynote speaker but also uses this to lead the direction of his hugely successful market management company, the aforementioned Emergent.

Originally training in geophysics Murrin left university and spent several years working and living in the jungle in remote areas of New Guinea, an experience which was integral to the development of his theories on collective emotional behaviour patterns; theories which he later turned toward stock and market share assessment and that Murrin believes can direct mankind away from the repetition of previous cultural and historical mistakes.

Murrin’s intelligence and the depth of his understandings around what he has titled The Code Of History make David Murrin a fascinating futurism speaker; his personal commitment and genuine passion toward world finance make his work as a business speaker captivating and quite unlike any other speaker in the finance and futurism area.

A well respected futurism speaker David Murrin offers audiences an insight into his ground breaking theories about “Breaking the Code of History”, explaining not only the foundation behind his ideas, the impact they hold and ultimately, advice on how others can turn their future finances into the successful assets he already owns.

An inexorable learning experience, David Murrin’s role as a futurism speaker is ideal for anyone looking to develop their understanding of the financial market and futurism.

To book futurism expert, David Murrin as the keynote speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing agent@championsukplc.com or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

When he’s at corporate events, David speaks on the following topics:

  • A new way to understand World Affairs
  • Global overview of Past, Present and Future
  • Key Risk Factors into the Future
  • Global Investment
  • Business Development Opportunities
  • Corporate Evolution and Structure
  • The Nature of Leadership
  • Innovation and Business Development
  • The Road to Wars (new book)
  • The Nature of War
  • The Battle of Jutland
  • The Tank as a War Winning Weapon in 1918

Take a look at a selection of testimonials from David’s previous clients, here:

“I would highly recommend David Murrin as a keynote speaker to any event organizers putting together conferences or meetings for high-level executives. His presentation, “The Geopolitics of Modern Africa for Investors,” at our African Cup of Investment Management conference in Cape Town, South Africa, was a fascinating and entertaining session that proved extremely popular with our attendees. David spoke to a packed room of representatives from across Africa’s finance industry, and his presentation was singled out as a highlight of the day-and-a-half conference by several attendees. It was a pleasure to meet David and I would enthusiastically recommend him as a keynote speaker.”Tim, Information Management Network (IMN)

“David addressed the Royal College of Defence Studies for the first time in 2013.  His presentation on the impact of Leaders in the historical cycles of empires provided a compelling and thoughtful proposition.  David’s analysis is provocative, challenging and highly persuasive, and his talk generated much interest among the 90 Members who represent over 50 countries. Without doubt, he provided one of the genuine highlights of this high-quality 2013 Course.”Nick, Royal College of Defence Studies

“I would like to thank you for participating in our event last week. The group and I found the subject and the content of your presentation, extremely interesting and your delivery, very engaging.”Fernando, CEO TPCG Group