Atul Singh

Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Fair Observer

Atul Sing is an influential business monolith, Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the Fair Observer. With his clear political outlook and charismatic nature, Atul also teaches Political Economy at the University of California, Berkeley. Whilst at university, Atul studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford on a Radhakrishnan Scholarship, and completed an MBA with a triple major in Finance, Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the Wharton School. Once graduated, he worked as a corporate lawyer in London, leading special operations as an elite officer in India’s volatile border areas, where he had many near-death experiences. On top of his prolific career, Atul has also been a sportsman, playwright, poet, mountaineer and a founder of many organizations, such opportunities taking him all over the world, from London to Silicon Valley.

Atul’s story sounds like it was taken straight from a film set. After growing up in military bases all over the world, Atul ran away from home at 17, travelling to Allahabad where the Ganges and the Yamuna meet. Whilst on the journey, a boatman tricked Atul out of the remaining funds he had, but with the help and kindness of strangers, he managed to make it to Sarnath.

With his years of expertise, Atul has shared his knowledge with students from all over the world, including the University of California, Berkeley and Tecnológico de Monterrey, Guadalajara to Moi University, Eldoret and Indian Institute of Technology, where he teaches a range of subjects, like global political economy, modern world history, international relations, deep explanatory journalism, communication, leadership and teamwork. Atul influences business owners and students alike globally through workshops for entrepreneurs, presentations for companies and lectures to students. In 2016, Atul lectured at the Voices of the World Program in four countries: India, Kenya, Mexico and the US, partnering with The United Nations Foundation to conduct the event. The focus of the program was to motivate young minds from all around the world to focus on sociopolitical problems such as water, health and poverty eradication, and share their own stories regarding these issues.

Most notable for founding the Fair Observer, Atul is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the nonprofit organization that presents unbiased information to educate global citizens through its journal and educational programs. By publishing crowdsourced multimedia journals that provide each side of the argument, their readers can make sense of the world around them, providing context, analysis and multiple perspectives from world news to culture. Additionally, the company organises training programs for students, young professionals and business executives on areas of the industry like journalism, geopolitics, the global economy, diversity and more.

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